Chickpeas Roasting Machine

Chickpeas Roasting Machine Those with guided dryers double their production capacity, enabling productivity in production.  If you are looking for quality in your products and flavour in your tastes, you must have one frying Machines.

Roasted Chickpeas

With a history of 600 years, chickpeas is one of the indispensable tastes of our lives as the most popular snack. Chickpea is the raw material of chickpea, which is well known in our country as a yellow mine. Chickpea, which is a legume family, is processed into chickpea, a type of dried fruit. The roasted chickpeas, which come to our tables after passing through a long and arduous road, have their unique taste by being roasted and fried.

Before the chickpeas roasting machines were invented, the shells were removed from the wooden tools called mafrak. One day before the wicked chickpeas were swollen, and then removed from the shell of the frying process, such as the pan had many processes. Today, with the development of advanced technology, the production of chickpeas has accelerated and diversified.

Different versions of chickpea, which is one of the nuts that are exported from our country, are produced in many flavors. The double roasted yellow roasted chickpeas, which the Turks love the most and always consume, take this name because it is fried twice.

Exported to abroad, chickpeas are sweet, salty, chocolate, spicy and dragee coated. In addition to the roasted roasting machines specially designed and designed by mechanical engineers, roasted roasting and coating machines are also used by nuts manufacturers.

Leblebi Frying Machines play a big role in increasing the production capacity of dried fruits producers. Yellow chickpea, peanut, sunflower seeds, salted chickpea, shelled peanut, hazelnut and almond are also produced in these machines.

Capacity of 160 kg per hour in machines reaching electrical equipment and temperature adjustment degree is controlled and the same taste to be roasted nuts. Nuts that you buy from the market are produced in frying and saucing machines in compliance with the hygiene conditions without touching them. Nuts that go directly to the packaging process from the machine are as fresh and crispy as the first day.

Leblebi Frying Machines, which are in the industrial machine class, also provide high energy production as well as high capacity production. Homogeneous combustion allows uniform roasting of nuts with uniformly distributed surface temperature. The chickpea roasting machine, which is made of stainless steel, is the starting point of chickpea and other kinds of nuts that you like to consume in daily life.

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