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Nut Peanut Roasting Machine These machines, which produce quality and healthy dry foods, offer the best service for them to be fresh and crispy.  Easily meet customer expectations by drying, baking and saucing at the same time.  They continue to work and produce for many years with their latest technological structure. Suitable for whole dry foods such as peanuts, leblebi, nuts, almonds…

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The crispy, fresh and dried fruits we buy from the markets adorn the shelves. Dried fruits appealing to every palate are sauteed with a lot of spices such as salty, sweet, chocolate and spicy and are produced for all kinds of taste. There are many stages and adventures going on until the nuts that we get as packaged come to our tables.

First of all, nuts are among the foods that are loved and consumed in our country. The starting point for the nuts was the 18th century, which was dried and consumed by farmers in their own homes. Then, with the start of technology and the industrial revolution, the nuts became a big market and became a food consumed throughout the world.

We consume the nuts almost everywhere we go in our daily life. Dieticians recently recommended to patients who diet as a meal, also proves how beneficial to our health.

The raw fruits, which are carefully cultivated by our farmers and collected in the harmony, are collected by large factories. Hazelnuts, almonds, pistachios, grapes, and chickpeas, in the factories that produce a lot of processes to come to our tables. 

Nuts roasting machines, which are produced by the professional hands of mechanical engineers, are electrically operated machines that roast and dry tons of raw food at the same time. These machines reduce the workload of the people and make it easier to produce healthy and fresh nuts.

Quality nuts roasting machines are used to roast the raw food with the heat that can be set by the operator and also it plays a big role in terms of increasing the production capacity for the producers.

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